ABC - Activity Based Costing - cost accounting based on particular activities; the philosophy of ABC is based on the idea of costs not being generated by the performance itself but by the activities (or processes)that lead to the generation of performance; the result of ABC method is a much more accurate survey of cost effectiveness of particular products and customers.

ABM - Activity Based Management - process and activity management; the concept of management has its foundation in the fact that the operation of each organization can be described as a sequence of particular activities or processes.

Asset Management - management and control of company assets

Balanced Scoreacard - BSC- worldwide method for transformation of strategy into realization

BNS see Business Navigation System

BNS-AB - Business Navigation System, Advanced Budgeting - BNS subsystem to support tactical management. It serves for tactical planning (annual plans) and result analysis.

BNS-SX - Business Navigation System, Strategic Extention - BNS subsystem supporting strategic management. It is used in strategic projection of changes and results analysis.

BNS-Training (BNS-T) - educational program involving a set of additional services. It is designed for corporate managers and specialists who master principles of business navigation in the field of sales performance, profitability and financial perfomance, and potentials management.

BSC - see Balanced Scoreacard

Business Inteligence - software that makes information from various corporate sources accessible and makes their use and analysis possible. The aim is to provide better and more knowledge-based decision.

Business Navigation - new concept of information support of managerial decision-making that enhances the existing concept of Business Intelligence. The company is future-oriented. Real situation analysis means the search for deviations between results and actually achieved states, and the search for improvements. Business Navigation System (BNS). It is an integrated set of methodical and software tools focused on strategic projection of changes, tactical planning and result analysis.

Controlling - management tool that helps companies coordinate corporate planning and corporate result analysis on the way to achieve specific goals

EVA -Economic Value Added; EVA indicator measures the company performance as an operating profit after tax less cost of equity. If EVA is taken into account then managers are rewarded only for those decisions that increase the company value.

KP - contribution - this is an indicator that is measured as revenues less total variable costs. It is to cover fixed costs and profit.

MFG/ PRO - type of information system delivered by QAD company that is fully compatible with BNS system

Navision Financials - type of information system that is fully compatible with BNS system

Profitability Management - one type of the operating management supported by BNS system's units KP (contribution) and VN (variable costs)

SAP/ R3 - type of information system delivered by SAP company that is fully compatible with BNS system

SBU - Strategic Business Unit - a company business unit following its own strategy