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Effective training: BNS – Training

The training course is designed for company managers and specialists who are involved of planning and analyzing sales, output profitability and financial performance. The training objective is to develop controlling approaches and attitudes and to update management views of the company prospects. Passing the training course enables managers to interconnect the information serving the operational, tactical and strategic management within a single integrated whole.


BNS – T analyses in detail the management information structure, including the information required to interconnect the planning and analytical processes. Among its indisputable benefits may be mentioned as follows:

• Interactive nature. Dealing with individual topics, such as strengthening sales output, profitability control or effectiveness of financial flows, etc., which require proactive participation of attendants.

• Practical exercises. Independent solution of tasks enables participants to acquire the correct view of the business process and to update indicators of the company performance.

• Progressive methods. One of the main points of the training course is to get acquainted with progressive procedures and techniques in the areas of measurement of the performance, projection of strategic changes, tactical planning, as well as analyses, controlling and reporting of results.

• Clear documentation. Participants will receive training materials including also, among others, graphic tools (maps) required to define the data and procession models.

BNS-T is conveniently to be considered if …

… the existing processes of company planning become more and more complicated but do not bring the expected results;

… the company reporting does not describe properly compliance with the company targets and responsibility for failure to meet the plan cannot be unequivocally determined;

… you intend to get inspired how to strengthen the authority of plans and how to assure by means of variations for company managers the navigation to identify their causes.


The training lasts two days and is divided into four lectures:

Lecture one. Basic functions and modules of the management information (“MIS”)
Attendants will get acquainted with MIS architecture and functions. They will be explained the basic categories and terminology of the management control information support, e.g. the operational areas, procession regime, navigation module, etc., the comprehension of which is indispensably required for the further work within BNS.

Lecture two – Data modelling
This part of training deals with On Line Analytical Processing (“OLAP”) technology. After they have been acquainted with its principles the attendants themselves propose independently multidimensional data models for the operational areas of sales performance, output cost efficiency and profitability and financial performance.

Lecture three – Procession modelling
Appropriation of the rules of multidimensional planning and modelling of the future development is another step to increase the company effectiveness. Managers are acquainted with the functions of navigation procedures, which enable effective assembly of the annual tactical plan and analysis of the achieved results. A part of the lecture is also the practical section in which attendants are charged with the task to develop independently the proposal of the navigation procession model of their own company.

Lecture four – Management navigation panels
The last lecture is focused on the training of movement in an advanced visualized environment, which offers outputs for the tactical and strategic management. Participants may avail of a wide range of type navigation panels and assess the suitability of their application in particular business situations.

BNS – T results

  • guidelines how to assemble the data and procession models of one’s own company for the corporate operational areas (sales performance, output cost efficiency and profitability and financial performance);
  • clarification and stabilization of the information requirements in the top management team;
  • concrete expression of requirement for MIS functions and properties from the viewpoint of management control;
  • improvement of the company performance system management thanks to the new management, data and procession views;
  • acquiring principles of multidimensional planning and analyses applicable to one’s own company.

Specialists of tens of companies and several countries have already passed BNS – T, e.g.:

  • Czech Republic: Madeta, Česká Zbrojovka Uherský Brod, Jitona and Tusculum, Aliachem Fatra Napajedla, Drinks Union, Komterm, Senior Automotive, Agropol, Lázně Teplice (“Teplice Spa”)
  • Slovak Republic: Istrochem Bratislava, Matador Vráble, ŽOS Zvolen
  • The Ukraine: SoftServer, BCHFZ
  • Latvia: Utenos Mesa, Datasoft

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