BNS-SX - Strategic management

BNS SX – New Quality of Strategic Management

Business Navigation System Strategic Extension (“BNS SX”) is a professional information system to support the creation, control of and updating the company strategic plan developed by Inekon Systems specialists. It is a strong navigation tool, which has been considerably focused on a visualization in the shape of strategic maps structured depending on the respective company organizational structure. BNS SX however enables not only to plan the targets and their mutual connections but is also capable of pointing out in advance the project risks, which might unfavourably affect the company business results.

BNS SX is focused on supporting the company strategic management. It facilitates creation of the strategic company goals and at the same time enables their linking with the performance indicators. The system utilizes the application know-how created on the basis of the globally extended methodology Balanced Scorecard (“BSC”). It consists of three working modes (see the diagram overleaf):

1. Strategic map serving to set up long-term goals according to the Balanced Scorecard methodology. This solution brings users not only an overview of the specified goals but, above all, a possibility to transfer and newly specify them and to create new connections among them, as well as to cancel or newly establish them. From each of the goals in the strategic map it is possible immediately to pass to an evaluation of the indicators and projects.

2. Overview of indicators provides the information on how the company intentions have been complied with. The application shows the difference between the planned and actually achieved values of indicators depending on the target selected in particular.

3. Overview of projects enables to allocate the capacities, internal and external costs to projects, as well as to monitor fulfilment of the projects in connection with strategic goals. The overview may be classified and restricted according to the specified criterion, i.e. depending on the values of any data from the project specifications whatsoever (costs, responsible person, evaluation, etc.).

You should decide for BNS SX if …

…you wish to know the actual business result and to deduce the realistic possibilities of future development;

…you look for a possibility how to link the strategy with all the crucial business activities;

…you need to obtain a simple and comprehensible tool of communications in between the company owners, top management and managerial staff;

…you look for a tool which will enable you the fast, efficient and at the same time easy access to all the strategic information;

…you expect each month an updated overview of fulfilment of all the stages of strategic projects.


BNS SX puts continuously the current company strategy forward and confronts all the company crucial activities therewith. Thanks to that the management has a possibility continuously to monitor the success rate of fulfilment of specified goals. The system may be easily connected with the application to support tactical planning of BNS AB and thus to provide the company management with a new level of navigation to the company reporting.
They are suitable especially if a more detailed view is required, i.e. the identification of responsibilities and causes of variations from the specified intentions and looking for more effective ways of solution.


An offer of the wide portfolio and services forms part of BNS SX. They do not relate to the information system proper only, i.e. the proposed solution of implementation, development, training of employees or after sale services. Inekon Systems provides also the methodological and processing support in the areas immediately connected with the information system implementation. They are e.g. the definitions and implementation of the corporate strategy, annual planning and budgeting, controlling, performance control, management reporting, etc.

BNS SX benefits

  • Top management obtains the communication tool by means of which it can accelerate the decision making process, eliminate errors and adjust the clear business future.
  • Within a time of three months after the implementation the strategy becomes a living commitment, which may be critically assessed and corrected.
  • All the company crucial activities take place with regard to the company long- term intentions.
  • Mutual interconnection of goals makes it possible to know of the coming risks in due time and to avoid them.
  • Designing strategic changes has the simple user shape and is connected with all the crucial activities.