References: Agrofert

For efficient control, large businesses require additional, high-quality and easily accessible information at all levels. Management information systems assist with better functioning and significantly contribute to further development. The AGROFERT Group became aware of the contribution made by these efficient control tools when it implemented the Business Navigation System (BNS) from INEKON SYSTEMS. By replacing time time-consuming data collection system and evaluation by a new financial system, there was a significant improvement in making processes more efficient, followed by the simplification of decision making among managers throughout the Group.

References: ARMATURY Group

As a company with the progressive attitude operating in the international market in regard of the segment of industrial fittings we felt the need of change within the entire system of forecasts developed for the future. We searched for innovative methods, which would enable us to establish the effective corporate planning with an immediate analysis of results.

References: Budějovický Budvar

We trade with more than 50 countries worldwide – the original pale lager Budweiser Budvar is drunk on every continent. Our annual beer sales volume exceeds 1.3 million hectoliters. Maintaining and expanding our acquired market positions in the Czech domestic market and abroad requires quality and especially readily available information necessary for operative planning and management of company development. Now we are able to obtain that through the Business Navigation System (BNS) manager information system. Besides its classical use in economic areas, we also use it intensely in the fields of trade, logistics, human resources and production.

References: ESA Logistika

Logistics is an art and science which can help the customer control and manage goods, energy, information and other resources. Within this definition we want to bring cost optimization, reliability and flexibility of benefit solutions for our customers. That is why we have decided to look for an information system which would efficiently support our efforts and simplify our planning system. We found it in Business Navigation System.

References: Jitona

Alliance of two significant furniture manufacturers (JITONA a.s. and TUSCULUM a.s.) and their subsequent merger resulted in new requirements for strategic planning. Both the companies used the information system MFG/PRO, which satisfactorily coped with the operative run of different plants, as well as their operational areas (e. g. the production, logistics or economy). From the viewpoint of the top management this system could have been however used only with certain restrictions – as it did not offer, for example, development of strategic plans with a possibility of their continuous analysis and flexible decisions connected therewith.

References: Komterm

In 2004 we were forced to deal with and resolve the issues of the management information system because of the company growth. The existing one was not sufficient for the increased demands of the company management. We however needed badly to find such system which would be capable of consolidating data from different information systems used in our companies and which would assist us in the development of integral plans for both the separate entities and parent company.

References: MADETA

Production of milk products is distinguished by a number of specific problems; they include, above all, lack of raw material and its limited durability, which in order not to be degraded or depreciated must be quickly processed. To cope in the optimum way with these processes on which success in both the local and foreign markets depends we have used from 1997 the information system MFG/PRO. It had been however proven in a short time that in order to keep up the company development there was required a system which would not be only orientated on the past and present. We therefore began to search for such system which would be capable of merging the process of the plan development and modelling with the controlling of achieved results, of enabling flexible responses to changes of both the internal and external conditions, as well as of simulating impacts on the management decisions regarding the company business performance and results.

References: Mondi

One of the objectives of Mondi Packaging Paper Štětí, a.s. is a continuous increase of the market share in the area of high quality packaging papers, which would protect to the maximum possible extent and represent products of final customers. To meet this target we require a quality and considerably automated and transparent system of planning and control enabling an immediate reflection of changes in our following business.

References: PNS

We intend to continue to be a reliable distributor of press for the entire population of the Czech Republic and a flexible professional partner for publishers. To achieve that we need a uniform, integrated information system for strategic planning and feedback analyses, accelerating, as well simplifying, the independent decision making of responsible managers.

References: PPS Group

The hard outcomes of the 2009 crisis were followed by an enormously successful 2010. Those were the challenges that convinced company management that in order to eliminate such swings in the future, they had to react immediately to market needs and to the needs of key customers. The prerequisite of profitability is not only high quality, but first of all ever improving price competitiveness and on-time deliveries. From this point of view it was necessary to make key processes in the field of modeling, planning and evaluating achieved results faster and more efficient. That is why we made the decision to seek a manager superstructure for our ERP system. We found it in the Business Navigation System (BNS) by INEKON SYSTEMS.

References: Retigo

We deliver gastronomy technologies to all Europe, East Asia, Australia and Southern Africa. Ever-growing demand made us face the need to make key processes for planning and evaluation of achieved results faster and more efficient. We were therefore looking for a solution simple for users which would follow up, use and broaden the system we had invested in before. The tender was won by the INEKON SYSTEMS company and their Business Navigation System (BNS).

References: Stock Plzeň-Božkov

How to best respond to changes in market behavior and competition pressure and implement these changes in short-term and mid-term plans? Business Navigation System (BNS) helps to respond to this and a number of other questions. Due to this new system we have a tool that allows not only quality and neatly arranged data analysis, but also enables us to adjust manager plans on all levels of company management.