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IT for finance 2019

Please accept our invitation to the 6th annual IT for Finance conference. CFO and IT specialist? Ideally one person

Presenting BNS 4.0

This seminar is intended for our customers who did not attend this year’s Business Navigation Days conference. The agenda will include the presentation of version 4 of the BNS Portal (with the integrated BNS web client) and the new BNS-AB desktop client version 4.0. Naturally, the new BNS 4.0 includes many improvements and new features, which we will be happy to demonstrate for you.

In 2019 BND featured the new BNS version 4.0 and a series of practical demonstrations

For the first time ever, the Business Navigation Days conference was designated the “BNS User Conference”. The chairs in the beautiful Historical and Knights’ Hall of the Hotel Chateau Valeč in Vysočina were mostly taken by financial directors, controlling managers and other specialists of BNS customers. For the whole of those two days they had the chance to hear practical experience from their professional colleagues as well as from INEKON SYSTEMS consultants, who focused on BNS modules and their advanced planning and analytical functions.

Kompletní program BND 2019

Letos poprvé jsme připravili dvoudenní konferenci BUSINESS NAVIGATION® DAYS 2019 speciálně pro naše zákazníky. Program si budete moci vybrat ze dvou paralelních sekcí tak, aby co nejlépe vyhovoval právě Vašim potřebám. Příběhy finančních ředitelů a controllerů o tom, jak využívají konkrétní moduly BNS při řešení plánovacích a analytických úloh doplní o nejnovější poznatky i konzultanti INEKON SYSTEMS. Letošní ročník bude navíc oslavou přelomové verze BNS 4.0., na kterou se společně s vámi moc těšíme.

Navigátor 1/2018 magazine

  • You want an MIS that will help with tactics and strategy
  • Home Credit: With Tableau we achieve the fastest analyses
  • Jan Matúš from Tawesco: BNS adds professionalism to MIS
  • Presenting BNS 4.0
Magazine in Czech only

Transform your vision into a profitable digital enterprise

“If we know an enterprise’s vision, our joint project can result in returns in hundreds of percent,” says Inekon Systems’ Executive Director and Managing Director Jan Hušek about the benefits of management systems and adds: “Many of our customers are seeing a fundamental improvement in the financial forecast accuracy indicator, with accuracy high above 95 percent.”

Interview in Czech only. Link only to scanned PDFs, the text is from the editorial.