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Navigátor 1/2019 magazine

  • Václav Novák: Development means having a great artist and skilled craftsmen in the team
  • More than 20 % of our customers already have BNS 4.0
  • A fun game will allow students to be even better prepared for future practice
  • Inekon Tableau Forum opens the door to knowledge
  • After LINET, BNS will also be used by BORCAD Medical

Students at the Czech Technical University have started to prepare for their real lives as managers using a simulation game

Not a single chair in the classroom was left unfilled. On Thursday, 7 November, the teaching of strategic and financial planning and analysis using the Business Navigation Game simulation was commenced in collaboration with INEKON SYSTEMS at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at the Czech Technical University, the first Czech university to use this instruction aid. Since yesterday, students have thus been able to try out what their work as managers will really look like in the field of planning and controlling and how well they are able to match up to the competition.

BNG already available for people from the world of work

Representatives of three universities (Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences, Business and Design; the Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Management and Economics and the University of Economics in Prague, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, Department of Information Technology) met with the management of three companies (Controller Institut, CAFIN and INEKON SYSTEMS) on board a floating restaurant in the centre of Prague. There, they discussed future steps to be taken in the development of the BUSINESS NAVIGATION GAME (BNS-LUDUS) and its use in the education of university students and professionals in the field of business.

IT for finance 2019

Please accept our invitation to the 6th annual IT for Finance conference. CFO and IT specialist? Ideally one person

Presenting BNS 4.0

This seminar is intended for our customers who did not attend this year’s Business Navigation Days conference. The agenda will include the presentation of version 4 of the BNS Portal (with the integrated BNS web client) and the new BNS-AB desktop client version 4.0. Naturally, the new BNS 4.0 includes many improvements and new features, which we will be happy to demonstrate for you.

In 2019 BND featured the new BNS version 4.0 and a series of practical demonstrations

For the first time ever, the Business Navigation Days conference was designated the “BNS User Conference”. The chairs in the beautiful Historical and Knights’ Hall of the Hotel Chateau Valeč in Vysočina were mostly taken by financial directors, controlling managers and other specialists of BNS customers. For the whole of those two days they had the chance to hear practical experience from their professional colleagues as well as from INEKON SYSTEMS consultants, who focused on BNS modules and their advanced planning and analytical functions.