About us

INEKON SYSTEMS is the partner of choice for business owners and managers who want to continually increase the value of their business through better planning, more effective controlling and advanced analyses. Using the comprehensive Business Navigation business management and BNS we supply solutions for strategic management and project changes, tactical planning and results analysis. We use Tableau to facilitate the visualisation and interpretation of data as part of our management dashboards.

  • Are you seeking a partner with experience in setting up controlling for hundreds of customers in the Czech Republic and abroad?
  • Do you want to know the impact that your decisions have on the resulting profitability of products and services?
  • Do you need help with Business Intelligence (BI), Corporate Performance Management (CPM) or Tableau?
  • Are you considering how to reflect your strategy in the motivational KPI of your employees?
  • Do you need to be instantly informed when your business plans start to diverge from reality and why?


We guarantee:

  • EXPERIENCE: our consultants have been involved in consultancy and the implementation of BI/MIS/CPM for almost 20 years and have implemented hundreds of projects
  • SPEED: we can make your data clearer in just a few days and incorporate them into coherent plans in just a few months
  • READINESS: we have pre-prepared solutions and specialists with experience in a number of industrial sectors, trading companies and services
  • STABILITY: we provide long-term services and have a stable customer and consultancy base
  • HELPFUL APPROACH: we approach each project with respect and are open to customer specifics

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