In 2019 BND featured the new BNS version 4.0 and a series of practical demonstrations

For the first time ever, the Business Navigation Days conference was designated the “BNS User Conference”. The chairs in the beautiful Historical and Knights’ Hall of the Hotel Chateau Valeč in Vysočina were mostly taken by financial directors, controlling managers and other specialists of BNS customers. For the whole of those two days they had the chance to hear practical experience from their professional colleagues as well as from INEKON SYSTEMS consultants, who focused on BNS modules and their advanced planning and analytical functions.

In 2019 BND featured the new BNS version 4.0 and a series of practical demonstrations

A new, even better era is starting for BNS

“At this conference we presented something completely new – BNS version 4.0, which has merged the Excel and web client into a single portal, form where it is quick and easy to obtain all the data needed by ever more demanding managers,” said INEKON SYSTEMS Executive Director and Managing Director Jan Hušek. “The new BNS portal also offers the option to plan directly from the web. This was previously only possible using the Excel client. The planning process is made easier by a comprehensive workflow, and this applies both to the managers who coordinate the planning process, as well as to the staff responsible for compiling the plan. The new BNS visualisation can also be used in the form of web dashboards,” added Jan Hušek. Technical Director Petr Cerha then presented the quick process of upgrading from older versions of BNS to BNS 4.0. Project Director Lenka Kulhánková added that the technological upgrade can easily be followed up by a process upgrade, which takes account of companies’ new needs.


As always, this year’s BND was literally packed with practical demonstrations. However, this time they were accompanied by a lot of information directly “from the BNS workshop” at INEKON SYSTEMS. Petr Burian, head of controlling and strategy at KOMTERM, showed how the BNS web client is used by the company’s top management at its regular meetings. He also spoke about how useful the newly introduced notes and comments features can be as regards orientation in the data presented. Developer BNS Erik Sandu then showed everyone how easy and quick it is to create a new report in the web environment, including added comments.

A look at business controlling

Besides the presentation of BNS version 4.0, the conference also included two workshops, with various topics being covered by consultants from INEKON SYSTEMS together with their partners in firms. The BND participants thus had the chance to hear about how deviation management is dealt with at MADETA, planning and controlling principles used in STOCK Plzeň-Božkov, and management of the corporate strategy at VIVA forge. However, they were also able to see for themselves the benefits that BNS has had for the intricately structured trading company Lagardere Travel Retail or, thanks to collaboration with SALSO, learn about the key role played by BNS in managing demand in relation to production management and production planning processes. One workshop was devoted to Tableau and attracted a great deal of interest, such as in how to use Tableau as an additional analytical tool for ad hoc analyses of unstructured data that are not yet in BNS.

As is now standard at BND conferences, the speakers made some outstanding appearances. As usual, these included Václav Novák, co-founder and senior managing partner of M.L. Moran, who spoke about the role of the CFO in the era of Industry 4.0. He presented the financial director as the most important “craftsman” in the firm, as he understands the business model and combines key information flows with the efficient use of resources.

Want to be inspired by the talk given by Václav Novák at BND 2018?: You can find it here…

David C. Levinger, project manager and ISRS manager of University College London, came from Oxford to attend BND. He impressed everyone with his visionary approach to the creation of the business strategy. According to him, the strategy must be prepared in the knowledge that if the company does not perform well enough in a given area, it runs the risk that it will be sucked into a black hole through the “event horizon”. He also visualised the topic of the lecture with “the most beautiful photograph in the world”, a photograph of a black hole, which was taken with the participation of the University College London public research university.

About satisfaction with BNS and further development requests

INEKON SYSTEMS Concept and Development Director and Managing Director Václav Houser presented the results of the audit in 13 companies that use BNS. “I consider this to be the first and highly beneficial step towards a process upgrade on the basis of customer evaluation, in which the system will not only provide the requisite functionality, but will also take it in another direction or extend the scope of the BNS to include other areas,” said Václav Houser.

The professional programme of events ended with the Guest’s Chair, which was taken by Bohumil Král, professor, whose professional love is management accounting, for which he has attracted thousands of students. Many of his former pupils were also present at BND. With his approach Bohumil Král also influenced a number of firms who are still making use of his findings today. In the interview conducted by Jan Hušek, he presented the updated fourth edition of his book Management Accounting, spoke about his experiences at Harvard and also about how he included his findings in his classes at the at the Department of Management Accounting at the Faculty of Finance and Accounting of the University of Economics, where he has been the head of the department for many years.

Company owner Rudolf Ovčaří gave his view of the potential for simulating scenarios showing the impact of strategic decisions on statutory statements such as the Balance Sheet, Income Statement and Cash Flow over a number of years. He presented an Excel solution that he has been using for a number of years to manage his companies, whose potential for linking with BNS is being considered.

Prestigious prizes were awarded to Internet Mall and Česká zbrojovka

This year the social programme of the conference began with an awards presentation. The blue globe for project of the year was handed to Internet Mall Controlling Director Leoš Brabec. “The project was implemented in six countries in Europe and links more than twenty entities. It covers planning and reporting for marketing, sales, logistics, transport, CAPEX, OPEX, consolidation and a number of other fields,” explained INEKON SYSTEMS Executive Director and Managing Director Jan Hušek. The prize for its long-term contribution to the development of Business Navigation went to Česká zbrojovka, represented by Financial Director Věslava Piegzová.


Prospects for the future

  • Also presented at BND 2019 was the BNS-LUDUS simulation game, which is now used at the Technical University in Zvolen in Slovakia and which has also been acquired by ČVUT for future classes. Together with the Controller Institute, INEKON SYSTEMS is preparing an interactive “competition” course, which would be included in training for advanced controllers in firms that want to perfect their approach to company management.
  • All the BND participants were invited to a seminar on the topic of how to use simulations to train top managers in businesses. This will be held at the end of May/beginning of June in the new INEKON SYSTEMS premises at Lighthouse in Prague 7 − Holešovice. It will be hosted by Klaas Dreger, an expert in business simulations as an efficient method for perfecting management skills, who will fly into the Czech Republic especially for this event. The exact date and programme of the seminar can be found well in advance on our website or in your email inbox.
  • We have a number of technological and process audits coming up, which we will be gradually conducting in 2019 at dozens of customers that use BNS.
  • If you want to draw some inspiration and also relax a little before the summer, we invite you to two interesting conferences, Corporate Education Trends at the Ales South Bohemian Gallery in Hluboká nad Vltavou on 17 May 2019, and the Controlling Forum, which will be held on 23 and 24 May at Štiřín Chateau. INEKON SYSTEMS is the partner for both events.

And we look forward to seeing you in a year’s time at the next Business Navigation Days.