Writeback Extension

It has always been our passion to develop new things, which would enhance the features of an already great product, which Tableau already is. Thanks to our latest extension called the Tableau writeback extension. Thanks to this extension, users can give their dashboards a whole new dimension of features and capabilities.

Writeback Extension

We have already showcased a fully functional demo on the IT4FIN conference, hosted by CAFIN (Czech Association for financial management), where we had a presentation about the writeback extension followed by a hands-on tryout directly at our boot. The event solidified our hypothesis about the usefulness of the writeback extension. It can become a powerful addon to enable planning directly in Tableau or can be used as a tool for creating ad hoc analysis directly during meetings. Because the values are directly recorded into database the moment a user desires, the graphs are immediately projecting the new numbers. Those numbers can then be used for further new dashboard creations.

The writeback use cases doesn’t have to end just there. Because it is written in Javascript, it can be seamlessly implemented to your already Tableau UI design, while you can fully utilize, what the coding language has to offer. That means users can standardize their planning process, control the user input with form verifications, which leads to elimination of extra third-party tools and common human mistakes. Because everything the user does is logged, there is never a problem to trace the root of possible issues.

Last but not least, thanks to the effort of our company employee Phuong Quang Nguyen, we have partnered with the University of Economics to allow the Tableau writeback extension used as a theme for his Master thesis

This thesis is the first documentation of the extension API ecosystem in Czech language and managed to unify lots of internet resources written in English language. The thesis can be used as a valuable source of information for the extension creation with emphasis of real life case by case usages.