Business Navigation Game

Studying through games at university? Why not! It’s been proven to work. Not only do students enjoy those classes more, but they also better prepare them for practice. This is all thanks to the BNS−LUDUS integrated solution, which merges into a single functional unit the BNS management information system used in hundreds of firms in the Czech Republic and abroad and the LUDUS simulation software installed in hundreds of universities all over the world, including the Czech Republic: This unique unit allows a simulation game to be used in lessons, giving students the chance to actually see how their management work will look in planning and controlling and how they fare in the competitive environment. BNS−LUDUS supports tactical and strategic planning using the Balanced Scorecard methodology. DESCRIPTION OF GAME

Using our proven methodology it takes just two days for you to consolidate key managers’ view of complex planning and decision-making processes and start to think about steps that will result in positive development in the fundamental areas of your company management.

Advantages of those studying with BNS−LUDUS:

  • Students master skills that are highly sought after by leading Czech and foreign firms. Moreover, they will have the ability to work in teams with members with varying competencies.
  • After starting work, the transition between learning and involvement in business processes associated with business planning, forecasting and reporting will be immediate.
  • Competing with other teams (virtual enterprises) to get the best result increases students’ responsibility to themselves and others and strengthens their motivation to perform well.
  • The chance to set up a strategy, subsequent business plan and see it succeed in a competitive environment is better for preparing students for work with MIS.

What people have said about the game


Doc. Ing. Andrea Sujová, PhD.Faculty of Wood Technology, Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia

“The use of SW tools better prepares students for work as managers, which is what almost all of them want to do after they graduate. Graduates who have accomplished this, or who even own their own firms, say that the management simulation game helped them to find a good job on the labour market and gave them the ability to make better use of the skills they acquired during their studies. It has been demonstrated that when students are able to visualise results using BNS, they are better prepared for a future career with a firm.”




Ing. Miroslav Žilka, Ph.D.Department of Business Management and Economics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, CTU, Czech Republic

“We had long been seeking a tool that would enable students not only to try planning, but also to see the results of their decisions. Therefore, I am convinced that using the BNS−LUDUS simulation game, in which they can also test out their teamwork skills in a competitive environment, is greatly beneficial for our students. Moreover, the great advantage of this integrated solution is that it works in the real environment of an actual management information system that many graduates are likely to see in the company they end up working for. “

Business Navigation Game plan

  • 1) The students are divided up into teams making up the company management. All the teams receive the same assignment. They act as independent competitors.
  • 2) Using BNS the teams create a strategy, approve it and transform it into a business plan that fully spans the functional areas.


  • 3) The business plan is loaded into a market simulation in LUDUS. This then provides the “enterprises” with information about their position in the market.
  • 4) According to the information they have acquired, the students create a forecast and make other decisions, which they then apply in the next round of the simulation game...
  • 5) Based on the results they have achieved in the quarters, the students then assess how their decisions have helped to achieve their set goals.

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