Navigation workshop

Take a look at performance management through the eyes of your colleagues, unite your views and look ahead.

Using our proven methodology, it takes you just two days to align your key managers’ views of complex planning and decision-making processes and start to think about steps that will result in positive development in the fundamental areas of your company management.

Why get a Navigation workshop (NW):

  • Find out whether your business performance system is at least comparable with other firms in the same sector.
  • Gain a quality process and data analysis of the business performance system you are considering implementing.
  • Simply specify the needs of your company’s top management to enable them to be effectively aligned with management needs in the operating system (ERP).

The Navigation workshop focuses primarily on 4 main performance topics:

The plans and dynamic forecasts system, the need for changes and performance motivation of employees, understanding business (detection of deviations, reporting, development prediction) and profitable sales.

NW are run by INEKON SYSTEMS experts with extensive teaching skills gained through lecturing at universities as well as practical experience with the management and execution of projects involving the implementation and development of modern management in more than a hundred companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

What people have said about NW

Ing. Jiří Kyncltechnical director of P-D Refractories CZ, a.s.

“We held a Navigation workshop before starting to reimplement SAP. We wanted to be sure that the system would contain everything we need that we use in our MIS for planning and reporting. The workshop lived up to our expectations.“

Ing. Milan Ettel director general of MEDIN

“During the seminar we members of the company management created and unified the previously fragmented ideas and opportunities offered by advanced business performance management/systems in the individual functional areas.”

Ing. Vojtěch Žák controlling director at MATADOR Automotive, Vráble

“The NW seminar not only reflected the level of information support for our company’s management and planning. Although our system was shown to be good overall, we revealed certain bottlenecks, particularly in controlling, which need to be resolved.”

Workshop agenda


Navigation framework

Presents a methodical approach to performance management and helps to unify terminology amongst participants in connection with your business.

Data modelling

Focuses directly on your company and on proposing the correct data structure, in which performance and business KPI are measured and controlled.

Process modelling

Focuses on control processes in your company and on the correct “mapping” of the management system to support them.

Functional areas of performance management

Looks at your company’s planning and decision-making tasks in four functional areas: Sales (PVB), Profitability (NZV), Finance (FVB) and Resources (ZPV) illustrated using specific situations and indicators through the management system.

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