Want to know how to get an hour’s analytical work done in just 5 minutes? Almost nothing is impossible with Tableau products. They enable company data to be displayed in a way that is easily understandable for anyone you need to share the data with. And it’s all done in just a moment.

Tableau is a tool for analysis and visualisation, creating reports and interactive dashboards, which does not require a data warehouse and instantly provides a range of ready-made online connectors for a variety of data sources. Data from various sources can also be combined and filtered within a single visualisation.

Tableau has won the highest award from the analytical company Gartner Group several times now. INEKON SYSTEMS has been the official distributor of the software since 2013.

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Advantages for those using Tableau:

  • There’s no need to wait for the work of IT specialists, as anyone who can use traditional MS Office programs can use Tableau products.
  • Visualised views of the necessary data are visible in just a few seconds, offering lightning-fast analyses and decisions.

Why Tableau from INEKON SYSTEMS?

As the leading Czech supplier of Business Intelligence tools, it also offers further added value for anyone interested in Tableau software:

  • an hour of support free of charge,
  • option for further consultation in Czech,
  • participation at seminars focused on the efficient use of Tableau in practice,
  • expert support in the creation of data warehouses,
  • the services of a professional partner with many years of BI experience.

Want to see how Tableau works?

This and much more information can be found at
You can then try the full version of Tableau for 14 days free of charge.

Karel Štaud
customer insight analyst
Komerční banka

“My colleagues and I are seeing a change in our analytical reasoning. The same goes for end managers. Tableau has made our work easier – when creating analyses, the result is displayed immediately, so that while working we can consider entering and editing input data.”

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