STOCK Plzeň-Božkov: We are able to predict the future, which will help us make effective decisions

How it all began

First of all a two-day Navigation workshop was held. We then worked together to create the Navigation concept, in which we stipulated the specific modules and applications that STOCK Plzeň-Božkov would need for the individual areas of business, finance and controlling. Thanks to our experience gained in the industry solution for FMCG, we were able to implement an information system that navigates the company to the best economic results and process standardization. This means that management can always be two years ahead, i.e. is able to see in advance its expected results in relation to anticipated market developments.



Better data quality

Thanks to the automation of transfers from SAP, higher accuracy of plans and outlooks (estimates), BNS provides management with greater certainty that its goals will be met, reduces risk, and thus lessens the need for working capital.


Better planning

The plan is prepared solely to the degree of complexity actually needed for performance management and modelling. The “financial forecast accuracy” indicator has improved considerably. Accuracy has increased from the former 94% to 99%.


Better results

BNS enables traders to better plan business events using promotional calendars, e.g. by products, customers, margin types. Better event planning enables business costs to be managed more efficiently and sales success rates to be evaluated more easily.


Better savings

The current information and process support for company performance management using the BNS system saves on staff capacity in the financial controlling, sales and marketing departments.

Ing. Petr Kasa
Financial Director

In our company, BNS greatly supports business management and reflects the accuracy and power of controlling. It has also made sales management more efficient; each sales or brand manager sees the P&L for their customers and brands and is able to continuously manage their profitability. Moreover, BNS works in the given area with relatively low costs and a user-friendly structure, making it an efficient tool at all levels of company management.

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