CREDITAS Bank: In Tableau, we have streamlined and made reporting across the bank more visible

How it was

The bank's constantly increasing share of the financial services market also required the adequate development of support information systems. One of them was an outdated analytical and reporting system, which could no longer keep up with the requirements for flexibility and modern functionality. Based on the resulting set of defined requirements across the entire organization, the CREDITAS Bank finally decided to follow the path of the Tableau platform, which proved to be the most suitable for meeting most of the set goals. The Inekon Systems company started cooperating with the bank in 2019 as a licensor of the Tableau Software. Gradually, it developed its cooperation through training on individual products of this platform, assistance in the implementation of the entire system in the bank, assistance in creating individual dynamic dashboards and the implementation of professional workshops on various extensions on the bank's own data.  At the moment, the Tableau platform is the only reporting system in the organization.



Reasons to change

An outdated analytical and reporting system that could no longer keep up with the requirements for flexibility and modern functionality.


Collection of requirements

To select the most suitable reporting tool, we collected requirements from individual departments so that the selected tool would suit the entire organization.


Gradual implementation

Intensive user workshops and training and subsequent cooperation with IS in creating dynamic dashboards.



The Tableau system is now the only reliable reporting system in the entire organization and expert consultations continue on various Extensions for system development. 

Ondřej Brom
Director of the ICT Development Department

The reporting solution on the Tableau platform brought us the opportunity to create reports on our own in a very short time, especially the visualization of these reports / data in a user-friendly form with the possibility of filtering end users. Thanks to the new system, we can now easily monitor the behavior of our clients across the bank.

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