Europasta: When a company has a "controlling brain", there is order and clarity in everything. And that’s true for sales promotions as well!

How it was

A prerequisite for success in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry is the ability to manage sales events. It is no secret that the share of sales in special offers in some FMCG branches reaches up to 80 percent of total sales. And that was one of the reasons why the pasta manufacturer Europasta also opted for BNS. Thanks to the Promotool and Promolyser applications, sales promotions can now be better planned and their success evaluated.

Completely and economically

The merchant has all the important information about the development of sales, prices and other special offers in one place. All parameters (deadline, discounts, etc.) are evaluated automatically by the system and the merchant just adjusts them to the target form.


Tasks easily and quickly

In addition to planning and modelling sales promotions, Promotool also serves as a tool for communication between the merchant and the master data administrator. Here, he simply "reads" new tasks, such as the requirements for entering or changing prices for individual customers.


Approval with certainty

The system supports the entry of criteria for the economic efficiency of the special offer. According to these criteria, the special offer is automatically approved or rejected. However, if the unit gross margin per kilogram is between the thresholds, it is decided by the commercial director.


Prediction of success

Thanks to the Promolyser application, information can be obtained from the data of already implemented sales promotions, which will enable you to evaluate the success of the business team's predictions or the timeliness of preparations. It can be evaluated, for example, according to customers, periods, articles or approval modes.

Václav Adam
Financial Director, Europasta SE

Prior to implementing BNS, we were not capable of planning, evaluating or systematically recording sales events in one place, where they would be clearly accessible to all. That’s also the main thing that prompted us to start looking for a tool that would allow it. We became stuck with several possible solutions, and in the end we opted for Promotool, which is part of BNS and is used to plan sales events.

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