KOMTERM: With BNS we can develop just like we need

How it all began

The actual implementation of BNS started with the selection of the necessary functional areas and with a proposed solution customised from a series of predefined planning and analytical “panels”. Implementation then resulted in a major qualitative leap forward in our work with company data and their further distribution to the appropriate managers. It was not just the properties and options offered by BNS, but also the scope of services and the expertise of the INEKON SYSTEMS consultants that led us to gradually expand the system to all our subsidiaries. The entire group now uses the flexible BNS on-line web client environment at regular management meetings. Managers use it for their presentations. The creation of reports in the BNS web environment is so user-friendly that controllers and managers create their own, either for their own use or for meetings. This means that data are presented in exactly the structure and detail that are needed.



Correct data

Working with data in the modern BNS web client has made KOMTERM group management meetings shorter and more effective. Everyone has access to the same correct data. Joint presentations once a month last just an hour and a half, leaving more time for the individual companies.


Flexible planning

The entire planning process is more efficient and in-depth. Monthly forecasts are also compiled, besides annual and multi-year plans. These forecasts enable the KOMTERM group to flexibly respond to the current situation in order to achieve its set goals.


Fast results

It is a fundamental help in correcting accounting for non-invoiced items without having to create estimated items in the accounting (e.g. uninvoiced invoices received, replacement of the deposit system). It speeds up the compilation of economic results at any time of the year and enables economic deviations in the individual companies to be resolved promptly.


Freed-up capacities

Creating plans and reports in BNS is much faster compared to when they were prepared in MS Excel. And this is predominantly due to the reduction in workload, the ability to transfer different variations of plans, versioning and indexing plans, creation of presentations and analyses, etc. This frees up significant capacities on the part of the staff responsible for compiling plans.

Petr Burian
Petr Burian, Head of Controlling and IS

We finally have correct data (financial and non-financial) all together and the option to view it from various angles, to the depth that we require. And we like that! And what’s more, we have gained a tool that will develop along with us.

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