Kovárna VIVA: Thanks to organized data, we can plan smartly and develop quickly


The continued growth of the company, including the acquisition of new firms, new customer and product portfolios, increased sales and more employees, prompted the company management to rethink and break free from its standard practices. The company needed to re-evaluate the procedures and methods used for company-wide planning, controlling and deviation management to make them faster, simpler, interconnected, highly efficient and highly professional. Only in this way could Kovárna VIVA follow its current strategy of cooperating with top European and global companies.

Organized data

It was possible to organize all the data so that it always made sense and nothing was ever missing.  Now it is possible to see trends when looking at the data. The company data is also automatically updated every night.


Planning is fun

Thanks to the BNS modules for financial performance, planning has become something that employees enjoy. The worst aspects of planning are now done by the smart software. It is possible to go into greater detail than ever before.


Analysis at hand

Qualitative and quantitative indicators are in the same place thanks to the single source of data in BNS. There is no more complicated manual work in Excel tables. A single click is often enough for an analysis. This is a priceless advantage when monitoring strategy implementation.


Simpler work

Thanks to the integration of regular parts of BNS with the BSC module, individual managers can quickly get information on individual indicators and do not need to ask anybody anything. They don't need any materials or analyses to be prepared or text to be copied. Everything is right at hand.

Michal Červenka
Financial director  

Thanks to BNS, in basically a few clicks we are able to obtain relevant information about changes in customer demands and the impact of this on our financial results.

We can then change our focus from a routine evaluation of the past to looking at the future and influencing things that can still be influenced.

Considering the growth and dynamics of changes, the interconnectedness of individual areas and the pressure to reduce prices on the part of customers, there's no way we could imagine functioning today without BNS.




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