MP Krásno: We've sped up the entire process from ordering to shipping. We can have empty warehouses every night!


The butter industry is particular in many ways. One of the most important is the need to have the shortest possible time between ordering and shipping, which is in large volumes.  To give you an idea: each day MP Krásno ships roughly 100 tons of products split up in up to 2,000 orders. Business is further hampered by strong competition and extremely low margins.

It all started with the need to have an excellent tool to guide annual tactical and operational planning. BNS has met all our high expectations. With its help, we plan highly detailed forecasts of customers and products. It also works well with other tools used at the company to support the planning process such as the Prewit system, which serves to predict sales, and Witness templates, which ensure the advanced planning of production capacities. All three systems are also closely integrated with the ERP system (SAP).



Current overview

BNS ensures precise planning in the required structures and the online assessment of actual sales contributes greatly to meeting demand, which impacts company performance.


Faster sales

The time between an order and its delivery is often just 2 hours. This permits us to keep just a small stock of raw materials. They arrive in the morning and by evening the warehouses are empty. The maximum delivery time for finished products is 48 hours.


Precision planning

Production planning combined with Prewit forecasts and BNS evaluations increase the accuracy of production planning and the use of production capacities. This all clearly has a positive impact on the company's performance.


Motivation of sales reps 

The management of sales representatives makes it possible to automatically generate sales plans and then evaluate results.  This brings higher sales in the segment served by sales representatives and monitors their cost effectiveness...

Ing. Pavel Thom
Head of Controlling

The implementation of BNS at MP Krásno immediately meant a great step forward in several areas – planning and evaluating sales, managing sales representatives, planning production and assessing transport. Overall, BNS has improved the company’s performance. In the future, we would like to increase the use of BNS to evaluate actual deviations from the planned performance. We are preparing to deploy a dashboard for top management and the owner.  Our ultimate goal is to fully automate the planning processes at MP Krásno!

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