Sberbank CZ: Tableau transforms our data into real information for decision making

How it was

The internal management reporting processes at Sberbank CZ were technologically built primarily on MS Reporting Services and MS Excel. One of the strategic objectives in controlling was to ensure the development of the management information system, which in the concept of Sberbank CZ includes three areas: data quality, planning and management reporting. The Tableau platform, used in the bank for sales management in the corporate banking segment, was extended to other areas within the project: retail, HR, OPEX and dashboards for top management. The implementation of the project is the result of cooperation between INEKON SYSTEMS and Billigence, with INEKON SYSTEMS being the contractual partner of Sberbank CZ and therefore the guarantor of delivery. Thanks to this partnership, the customer had the opportunity to benefit from the best of both companies while maintaining clearly defined responsibility for the quality, price and delivery date of the work.

More time for data analysis 

Thanks to the deployment of Tableau, the time required to prepare reports was reduced. Data is now loaded directly into individual reports and dashboards, eliminating the need to check for accuracy when preparing them. Thus, more time can be devoted to data analysis and interpreting their noteworthy connections with potential business impact.


Start for further development

The project was not only about the technological aspect, but also about ensuring the adequate development of human resources in the area of data competence. Applications in individual areas were developed in close cooperation with the bank's expert guarantors in order to prepare the conditions for their further internal development both in terms of automation and adaptation to new needs. 


Same data for all

Discussions about who has the right data are a thing of the past. Users access the same set of data at any given time through the application. This enables management processes to take place over one version of the truth and allows them to focus on the root of the problem. In addition, the connection to centralized access control provides a higher level of security for sensitive internal data.


Recipient-oriented format

Tableau's vast data visualization capabilities allow you to tailor the reporting format to the target audience: from overview dashboards for top management (previously created manually in Power Point) to drill-down reports for lower levels of management (regional managers, branch managers, bankers).

Martin Breyl
Head of Financial Controlling & Reporting 

Although we do not yet have a 100% complete data base and data warehouse, we have decided to start from the user interface over the data that is available. We want to provide business users with a unified environment for reporting, dashboards and analytics that will actually use the data, and thus generate interest in the data. I see this as a better way to achieve true adoption of data-driven decision making than the opposite approach of building a quality data base.




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