Tawesco: BNS adds professionalism to the management information system

How it all began

It all started with a careful needs analysis with a view to the business strategy, planning procedures and reporting outputs. The system was not implemented for an existing situation, but took a visionary view of the needs to be faced by the company and its management in future deals. As soon as the implementation team had agreed on the concepts and future processes, it began to gradually implement the appropriate modules. The commissioning of BNS was verified in the first forecast. The management quickly mastered the use of the system. The solution appealed to other firms in the group, which are also planning to implement it along the lines of the Tawesco BNS.

Better data quality

Increased data security and reliability. Data are read automatically from QAD, making processing faster. Information is visualised, which shortens and streamlines management meetings.


Better planning

The medium-term strategy and annual plans and forecasts can now be created structured down to the lowest organisational unit, which is the cost centre. Plans can easily be updated if needed.


Better results

The quick overview of loss-making products and customers enables measures to eliminate losses to be adopted in a timely manner. The management of short-term cash-flow is now more precise thanks to information about expected maturity.


Better savings

Automation has saved the capacity of two employees, in the controlling and accounting departments. A number of regular reports are now drawn up automatically and users have access to them at any time. This enables the freed-up employees to focus on other work with higher added value.

Jan Matúš
Planning and Calculation specialist

When I first came across BNS architecture, it felt as if my colleagues from INEKON SYSTEMS had created it using our know-how. Over the years I have worked as an ordinary Controller and have experienced some stressful situations where my superior Financial Director urgently needed some reports, plans and analyses ready for various meetings and my colleagues and I, sweat running down our faces, extracted various data from various sources and then spent ages doing the tricky job of preparing them. I later found myself in the opposite position, where as Financial Director I stood agitated over my Controller and quickly needed reports, plans and analyses. I had always wished for a tool that would provide me with the information I need quickly and simply, just like BNS does.

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