A well-written and defended diploma thesis is one of the conditions for successful graduation from university and is also proof of students’ ability to deal with specialised and interesting topics in a creative yet analytical manner. What is that topic, however?

You should certainly choose one that is close to you and for which you can obtain a range of good source materials and consultation. The topic should be specific. Although a general topic might initially seem simpler, this is actually not the case. You will be swamped in so many different sources and you’ll find it hard to get anything from them and write a thesis that follows a consistent line and leads somewhere. You’ll find it hard to write, and this is sure to be reflected in the result.

Our company INEKON SYSTEMS has a range of topics for you and your diploma thesis that are appropriate and easy to understand. We will be happy to provide you with expertise and consultation when working on your thesis.

You can choose from the following, for example:

  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Financial management and planning using BNS
  • Information systems in FMCG enterprises
  • Controlling as support for decision-making
  • Management control systems and their role in defining the company strategy
  • MIS industry solutions
  • MIS in small and medium-sized enterprises

Got another idea that we could help you with in our company? Let us know and we can discuss it together.

Ing. Jan Hušek, Ph.D.
Executive Director and Managing Director of INEKON SYSTEMS

“We are glad to work with students and graduates in our company and we consider this cooperation to be beneficial to everyone involved. I personally am always happy to see a study stay spent with us providing useful and practical know-how and skills. For many students this is their first encounter with reality, in which they get to try out what the work actually involves in practice and see what requirements will be demanded of them in their future career. The new insights and approaches that the current generation of young people brings to us are of course also beneficial to us and our work.”

ABC - Activity Based Costing

calculation of costs according to partial activities; the ABC philosophy is based on the idea that costs are not incurred by actual performance, but by the activities (or processes) that lead to the creation of performance; the result of the ABC method is a much more precise overview of the cost effectiveness of individual products or customers.

ABM - Activity Based Management

management of processes and activities; this management concept is based on the fact that the operation of each organisation may be described as a sequence of certain activities or processes.

Asset Management

administration and management of the company’s assets.

Balanced Scoreacard

BSC- global methodology for putting strategies into implementation.


see Business Navigation System.


Business Navigation System, Advanced Budgeting – a BNS subsystem supporting tactical management within the framework of the managerial decision-making process. Used to create tactical (annual) plans and for results analysis.


Business Navigation System, Strategic Extension – a BNS subsystem supporting strategic management within the framework of the managerial decision-making process. Used for project strategic changes and results analysis.

BNS-Training (BNS-T)

(BNS-T) is a training programme associated with a set of accompanying services. It is intended for business managers, controlling staff and specialists, who master the principles of business navigation in the fields of sales performance, profitability and financial performance and potential management.


see Balanced Scorecard.

Business Intelligence

a term for software that provides access to information from various business sources, enabling it to be used and analysed. The aim is to ensure better and more precise information, thus rendering managerial decision-making more efficient.

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